Title: Neurofibromatosis Type 2 Associated with Multiple Cerebral Aneurysms- A Rare Case Report

Author: Chaturbedi A, Islam KMT, Hossain ATMM1 , Alam S, Haque M

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Title: Surgical Management & Outcome of Spine TB without Instrumentation: Two Case Report & Review of the Literature

Author: Khan AH1, Rahman MA2, Shah R3

File Type : pdf

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Title: The sitting Position in Neurosurgery: A Clinical Study in 132 Cases

Author: Alam S1 , Hossain ATMM2 , Amin MR3 , Rahman A4 , Uddin ANW5 , Islam KMT6 , Obaida ASMA7 , Chowdhury

File Type : pdf

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Title: Clinico-Pathological Evaluation of Spinal SOL

Author: Rahman MM, 1 Islam H.2 Harun K, 3 Barua KK4

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Title: Comparison of Surgical and Conservative Treatment of Spinal Tuberculosis at a Tertiary Care Hospital in Dhaka City

Author: Alam MS1 , Talukder MMH2 , Shaha AK3 , Asfia KN4 , Saha SK5 , Islam MJ6

File Type : pdf

File Size : 87.3 KB

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Title: Correlation of Evan’s Ratio and Surgical Outcome of Patients with Obstructive and Communicating Hydrocephalus

Author: Nath HD1 , Barua S2 , Bhowmik J3 , Barua KK4 , Hossain ATMM5

File Type : pdf

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