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Editor in Chief

Prof. ATM Mosharef Hossain


Two issues per year (Jan issue and July issue)

Aims and Objectives

The Bangladesh Journal of Neurosurgeon (BSNS) is the flagship journal of the Bangladesh Society of Neurosurgery. The Journal aims at providing an emerging channel for publication of research so that the neurosurgeons can exchange and share professional, technical and academic knowledge on any aspect of Neurosurgery discipline, e.g. Vascular Neurosurgery, Pediatric Neurosurgery, Skull Base Neurosurgery, Neurospinal Surgery and Functional Neurosurgery and water resources. Original works related to operation technique, disease registration are also welcome (see Scope for details).

As the oldest forum in Bangladesh for publishing original research work in the field of neurosurgery, the Journal also aims to stand as an archival record of the neurosurgery advances of the Institution and the profession, in general. Furthermore, over the years researchers and professional neurosurgeon have enriched the knowledge archive of this Journal with various country specific original information that possess relevance and application, particularly in Bangladesh context. As per the constitution and by-laws of the Institution, the Editorial Board is responsible to set the policies governing the Journal. Papers, companion papers, technical notes, operative nuances, discussion/ closure and errata are published in the BJNS. Authors need not be the members of BSNS to submit material to the journals.

Vol. 10 No 1 July 2020
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Vol. 9, No. 2 Jan, 2020
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Vol. 9, No. 1 July, 2019
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